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African Cichlids (Cichlidae)

For color photo and specific fish information: family, common name, scientific name, distribution, size, food, temperature, pH, dH and much more, click on the names below

Scientific Name Common Name

Astatotilapia burtoni (Gunther 1893)

Burton's Mouthbrooder

Aulonocara baenschi (Meyer & Reihl 1985)

Baensch's Peacock

Aulonocara nyassae (Regan 1921)

African Peacock

Chalinochromis brichardi (Poll 1974)

Masked Cichlid

Chromidotilapia guntheri (Sauvage 1882)

Guenther's Cichlid

Copadichromis boadzulu (Iles 1960)


Copadichromis chrysonotus (Boulenger 1908)

Haplochromis Jacksoni

Cynotilapia afra (Gunther 1893)

Dogtooth Cichlid

Cyphotilapia frontosa (Boulenger 1906)

Frontosa Cichlid

Cyprichromis leptosoma (Boulenger 1899)


Cyprichromis nigripinns (Boulenger 1901)

Black -Fin Cichlid

Eretomodus cyanostictus (Boulenger 1898)

Striped Goby Cichlid

Hemichromis bimaculatus (Gill 1862)

Jewel Cichlid

Hemichromis lifalili (Loiselle 1979)

Lifalili Cichlid

Julidochromis dickfeldi (Staeck 1975)

Brown Julie

Julidochromis marlieri (Poll 1956)

Striped Slender Cichlid

Julidochromis regani (Poll 1942)

Striped Slender Cichlid

Julidochromis transcriptus (Matthes 1959)

Black & White Julie

Labeochromis fuelleborni (Ahl 1927)

Fuelleborn's Cichlid

Labeochromis trewavasae (Fryer 1956)

Trewavas' Cichlid

Melanochromis auratus (Boulenger 1897)

Malawi Golden Cichlid

Neolamprologus brichardi (Poll 1974)

Fairy Cichlid

Neolamprologus leleupi (Poll 1956)

Lemon Cichlid

Nimbochromis livingstonii (Guenther 1893)


Placidochromis electra (Burgess 1979)

Deepwater Hap

Protomelas annectens (Regan 1922 )

Chunky Hap

Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor (Hilgendorf 1903)

Egyptian Mouthbrooder

Pseudocrenilabrus philander (Trewavas 1936)

Copper Mouthbrooder

Pseudotropheus lombardoi (Burgess 1977)


Pseudotropheus socolofi (Johnson 1974)

Eduard's Mbuna

Pseudotropheus tropheops (Regan 1921)

Golden Tropheops

Pseudotropheus zebra (Boulenger 1899)

Zebra Cichlid

Teleogramma brichardi (Poll 1959)

Brichard's Slender Cichlid

Telmatochromis bifrenatus (Myers 1936)

Two-banded Cichlid

Telmatochromis temporalis (Boulenger 1998)

Temporalis Cichlid

Tilapia buttikoferi (Hubrecht 1881)

Zebra Cichlid

Tilapia mariae (Boulenger 1899)

Tiger Tilapia

Tilapia zillii (Gervais 1848)

Zilli's Cichlid

Tropheus brichardi (Nelissen & Thys 1978)

Blue-eyed Tropheuss

Tropheus duboisi (Marlier 1959)

White-spotted Cichlid

Tropheus moorii (Boulenger 1898)

Blunt-head Cichlid

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