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Anabantidae (Climbing gouramies)

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Scientific Name
Anabas cobojius (Hamilton 1822)
Anabas testudineus (Bloch 1792) Walking Fish
Ctenopoma acutirostre (Pellegrin 1899)
Ctenopoma ansorgii (Boulenger 1912)
Ctenopoma argentoventer (Ahl 1922)
Ctenopoma ashbysmithi (Banister & Bailey 1979)
Ctenopoma breviventrale (Pellegrin 1938)
Ctenopoma congicum (Boulenger 1887)
Ctenopoma ctenotis (Boulenger 1919)
Ctenopoma damasi (Poll & Damas 1939)
Ctenopoma davidae (Poll 1939)
Ctenopoma fasciolatum (Boulenger 1899)
Ctenopoma garuanum (Ahl 1927)
Ctenopoma intermedium (Pellegrin 1920)
Ctenopoma kingsleyae (Gunther 1896)
Ctenopoma lineatum (Nichols 1923)
Ctenopoma machadoi (Fowler 1930)
Ctenopoma maculatum (Thominot 1886)
Ctenopoma multispine (Peters 1844)
Ctenopoma muriei muriei (Boulenger 1906)
Ctenopoma muriei ocellifer (Nichols 1928)
Ctenopoma nanum (Gunther 1896)
Ctenopoma nebulosum (Norris & Teugels 1990)
Ctenopoma nigropannosum (Reicherow 1875)
Ctenopoma ocellatum (Pellegrin 1899)
Ctenopoma oxyrhynchum (Boulenger 1902)
Ctenopoma pekkolai (Rendahl 1935)
Ctenopoma pellegrini (Boulenger 1902)
Ctenopoma petherici Gunther 1864
Ctenopoma riggenbachi (Ahl 1927)
Ctenopoma togoensis (Ahl 1928)
Sandelia bainsii (Castelnau 1861)
Sandelia capensis (Cuvier 1831)

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