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Goodeidae (Goodeids)

For color photo and specific fish information: family, common name, scientific name, distribution, size, food, temperature, pH, dH and much more, click on the names below

Scientific Name Common Name

Ameca splendens (Miller & Fitzsimons 1971)

Butterfly Splitfin

Characodon lateralis (Gunther 1866)

Rainbow Characodon

Goodea gracilis (Hubbs & Turner 1939)

Dusky Splitfin

Ilyodon whitei (Meek 1904)

Balsas Goodeid

Skiffia bilineata (Bean 1887)

Blackfin Goodeid

Xenotoca eiseni (Rutter 1896)

Redtail Splitfin

Xenotoca variata (Bean 1887)

Jeweled Splitfin

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