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Poeciliidae (Livebearers)

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Scientific Name Common Name

Alfaro cultratus (Regan 1908)

Knife Livebearer

Belonesox belizanus (Kner 1860)

Pike Killifish

Brachyrhaphis episcopi (Steindachner 1878)

Bishop Brachy

Carlhubbsia stuarti (Rosen & Bailey 1959)

Banded Widow

Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (Jenyns 1842)

Ten-Spotted Livebearer

Gambusia affinis affinis (Baird & Girard 1853)

Western Mosquito Fish

Gambusia dominicensis (Regan 1913)

Dominican Gambusia

Gambusia holbrooki (Girard 1859)

Eastern Mosquito Fish

Gambusia nicaraguensis (Gunther 1866)

Nicaragua Gambusia

Gambusia punctata (Poey 1854)

Cuban gambusia

Gambusia puncticulata yucatana (Regan 1914)

Yuctan Gambusia

Gambusia rachowi (Regan 1914)

Rochow's Mosquitofish

Girardinus metallicus (Poey 1854)

Metallic Livebearer

Heterandria bimaculata (Heckel 1848)

Common Twin Spot Livebearer

Heterandria formosa (Girard 1859)

Least Killifish

Limia melanogaster (Gunther 1866)

Blackbelly Limia

Limia nigrofasciata (Regan 1913)

Blackbarred Limia

Limia ornata (Regan 1913)

Ornate Limia

Limia perugiae (Evermann & Clark 1906)

Perugia's Limia

Limia vittata (Guichenot 1853)

Cuban Limia

Phallichthys amates (Miller 1907)

Merry Widow Livebearer

Phallichthys amates pittieri

Orange-Dorsal Livebearer

Phalloceros caudimaculatus (Hensel 1868)

Dusky Millions Fish

Phalloptychus januarius (Hensel 1868)

Barred Millionsfish

Poecilia branneri (Eigenmann 1894)

Branner's Livebearer

Poecilia latipinna (LeSueur 1821)

Sailfin Molly

Poecilia picta (Regan 1913)

Variegated Mollie

Poecilia reticulata (Peters 1860)


Poecilia sphenops (Valenciennes 1846)

Mexican Molly

Poecilia velifera (Regan 1914)

Yucatan Molly

Poecilia vivipara (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

One Spot Livebearer

Poeciliopsis gracilis (Heckel 1848)

Porthole Livebearer

Priapella intermedia (Alvarez & Carranza 1952)

Blue-Eyed Livebearer

Quintana atrizona (Hubbs 1934)

Black-Barred Livebearer

Xiphophorus cortezi (Rosen 1960)

Cortez Swordtail

Xiphophorus hellerii (Heckel 1848)

Green Swordtail

Xiphophorus maculatus (Gunther 1866)

Southern Platyfish

Xiphophorus milleri (Rosen 1960)

Catemaco Platy

Xiphophorus montezumae (Jordan & Snyder 1899)

Montezuma Swordtail

Xiphophorus pygmaeus (Hubbs & Gordon 1943)

Pygmy Swordtail

Xiphophorus signum (Rosen & Kallman 1969)

Comma Swordtail

Xiphophorus variatus (Meek 1904)

Variable Platyfish

Xiphophorus xiphidium (Gordon 1932)

Swordtail Platy

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